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Interested in selling Omsa Jewelry in your shop? We are too!
We offer discounted prices to businesses and individual buyers who are interested.
To get discounted pricing on our jewelry, wholesale buyers just have to do 3 things:

  1. Create an account with us (it literally only takes seconds).
  2. Put the items you want and the desired quantity in shopping cart.
  3. Contact us at omsausa@yahoo.com and let us know you’ve created your list.


As soon as you do those 3 things, we’ll take a look and put together our best pricing for you based on the items you have selected. (There is no set percentage of discount.) No order is too small…or too large! We simply put together our best price quote for the entire order of wholesale jewelry based on what you have selected. We have clients around the world who buy from us to re-sell, so we’re confident that if you take the time to do this, we can offer you an attractive price point. If you want to buy our jewelry wholesale but don’t want to create an account or wish list, simply email us the details. We’re happy to work with you that way too. In addition to wholesale jewelry discounts, we also offer discounts when you buy jewelry sets. Selected groups of jewelry are available together at great deals! We’re always happy to answer questions, so please contact us if you need more info about our wholesale discounts. We’re eager to assist you!