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About Us

Omsa Jewelry was established in the year 1997 in Antalya/Turkey. All jewelry produced by us is hand made and an original design of OMSA. Here at OMSA we usually try to stay with traditionel and authentic pieces keeping a unique look that is recognisable with our company Our administrative headquarters are located in Antalya/Turkey but due to popular demand we export our product to various countries around the world. We are always happy to hear any new ideas or input from our customers and always look forward to the challenge of creating new and exciting designs.



Everything we sell is handcrafted by skilled artisans from the Mediterranean and Turkey in many cases by families who have passed these skills down through many generations. We offer the largest selection of evil eye related items to lovers of evil eye charms. All products are 925 STERLING SILVER and all are manufactured in Turkey.
The mystical qualities of amulets and talisman have been ingrained in our history and individual culture. The Evil Eye Bead. With its warm blue, the shine it has derived from the fire and the smiling face that's a typical feature of the Anatolian people, it gives happiness, good luck to the friends and the beloved ones.